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The price is now...
Was: $7,284.86
Now: $3,639.00

WOW on item Your item's price has dropped!!!

Amazon Item: B0007XXI5O

Original Price [I paid]: $7,499.00

[This is our biggest price savings so far: $3860 ... he went on to say...]

Scott, Actually I saved [twice]. When I bought it, it was $7499 and because of your great alert system it let me know that it was lowered to $3639. Amazon was so nice and gave me full credit of $3860 which is amazing. I received one credit [original price drop was $214.14] then was able to get the additional credit. I wouldn't have bothered to look if it wasn't for your website. I bought it originally because of the free shipping and needed it for my business but the price reduction was great and I'm sure I would have missed it if it wasn't for your site. Keep up the great work.

Thanks for your valuable website where I got a credit for $112 with for my Sony 36KD-XS955 TV which I bought 1 week back. Amazon promptly refunded me after you alerted me when price dropped.

I will recommend to all my friends as your is a great and valuable service. You guys Rock!! Keep you your good Work!!!


Thanks for the $50 Refund!
- Brian T.

Just a short note to thank you for your automated service. Since coming across your website two (2) weeks ago, we have already been approved for three (3) credits from a single order!

Keep up the good work.
- A.K.

Amazon credited me $4.00 within a few minutes of my sending them a message on Sunday afternoon. Thanks for the service!
- John C.

Amazon credited me $4.00 on a fax machine i bought.
- Frank

Wow! You got me a $55 credit!
- H.K.

I just wanted to say thanks. $44 saved!!!!!
- John

I just got $2.50 back the day after signing up to track an item on your website. Thanks!!!
- Ashley

Here is the letter I received from Amazon after requesting the refund you notified me of. My wife doesn't get why I would care about $.60, I told her it's more about the experiment. Your service works, I'll use it in the future, and pass it along to anyone I can.


Greetings from

I've requested a refund of $.60 to your credit card for the price adjustment. This refund should go through within 3 to 5 business days. You should see it as a credit on your next credit card billing statement.

You can also view completed refunds by clicking the "Your Account" link at the top of our web site, then clicking "Go!" next to "open and recently shipped orders." Completed refunds are displayed at the bottom of an individual order's summary page.

Thank you for shopping at

- Joe

Just got me $65 back. Thanks.
- jz

Hey -- just wanted to say thanks for putting this program together! -- I entered a camera into your database last night...this morning I got an email from you guys saying that the price dropped on it...I followed your instructions and sent an email to amazon...3 hours later I got an email from amazon saying that they were crediting my card $20.

thanks! -- from now on everything I get from amazon is going in the database!
- Elliot

Sweet, you're site just saved me $15! I'm going to send everyone I know a link to your site! :D:D:D:D:D

Thanks much.. you're website idea is just a brilliant use of technology.
- Patrick

Thank you! I got your email this morning about the reduced priced of an item I bought from Amazon, followed the six easy steps described, and within ten minutes received an email from Amazon saying they were crediting my account the price change----------- rocks!

Thank you again,
- Scott

I was credited one dollar from Amazon today. Thanks!!
- Casey

y'all completely rock :-) never would have found this without your web site. thanks for a quick, easy service.

thanks again.
- Eric

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